Barrett Memorial Library
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Internet Access Policy

Barrett Memorial Library provides internet access via public computers to enhance information, communication, and learning opportunities for our patrons. Wireless internet access is also available throughout the building and parking lots to those who bring their own devices.

The Library has no control over internet content and is not responsible for the accuracy or type of information found there. Patrons who access the internet bear their own responsibility in terms of suitability, reliability, copyright, and other legal applications. The Library is not responsible for damage to a patron’s personal equipment or viruses or data that may be downloaded from its internet service. The use of the internet and email is not guaranteed to be private.

Barrett Memorial Library reserves the right to have the Library Director or designee make on-the-spot decisions about particular sites that may be deemed inappropriate in a public setting, and to end the user’s session if internet use results in disruption of Library services, illegal or unacceptable use, or if patron behavior becomes inappropriate. Persons found accessing sites deemed illegal or unacceptable will lose their internet privileges for one year; at the end of that year they may apply to the Library Board in person to reinstate their privileges.

Library staff is available to help educate users about internet use only as time permits.

Printing is available at a cost from the public computers as well as wirelessly from personal devices.