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Name ____________________________ Date_____________


Address __________________________   Phone_________________


City ______________________________State ______ ZIP_______


Resource on which you are commenting:

_____ Book                 _____ Audio-visual Resource

_____ Magazine        _____ Content of Library Program

_____ Newspaper    _____ Other


Title: _______________________________________________________


Author/Publisher or Producer/Date:  ______________________________


What brought this resource to your attention?



To what do you object? Please be as specific as possible.



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Have you read or listened or viewed the entire content? If not, what parts have you read, listened to or viewed?



Explain how the material fails to meet Intellectual Freedom standards.



What do you feel the effect of the material might be? Who would be negatively impacted by this material and how? Please provide citations and evidence.



For what age group would you recommend this material?



In its place, what material of equal or better quality would you recommend? Please include titles and professional reviews of replacement.



What do you want the library to do with this material?





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